Sunday, March 27, 2011

Thanks~~~My Viewers!


I was shocked. Really--I felt as if I wanna cry.


Earlier I went into my traffic feed; wondering what is the recent statistic of my blog. To my humble amazement, the number of views doubled than that of last month. In February, I got 289 views while in this month so far, I already have 409 views. It was really a shocked, I have never expected such high number would hit.

The first time I wrote a post in this blog, there is nothing in my mind but to share my tiny little life to my classmates and friends that are close to me. So, the imagination of having such a large number of views had never got into my mind.

Anyhow, thanks for reading and supporting me. I will always stay with this blog, although I already have a new one (which is still under construction). Keep in touch and again; thanks!

"On one, fine day, I walked with my friends."
"And we saw this old, rusty car behind the auditorium. It had been there since the first time I was here, probably washed ashore after tens of years serving in the turbulence sea of Time. Its time for him to just.. another junkyard piece of useless garbage."

Peace and Regards.


  1. apa lagi..nuffnang2..:p..untung nnti kita bahagi2..:P

  2. Wahai FarahFoxy yang sexy, apakah itu nuffnag??

  3. sama2~~ untuk mengiklan bh 2 yassin.. dpt duit dr blog ko.. nanti kami pun akan buat dalam beberapa tahun... tp traffic ko kira okaii suda.. buat la..

  4. Amboi.. ndakmaula..saya ndakperlukan


Ohana :)