Sunday, April 3, 2011

2nd April 2011~Fútbol Mania! (Picture Package: Part 1)


Yesterday was probably the greatest day I had with football (you know how much I hate that spherical, annoying rolling object). Anyway, here are some of the scenes during the match. Sorry for the quality, I know how worse they are.


A break with a star

Us Against the World

Brian Constant was the goalkeeper for Amat's team. They played well, actually.

Committed referee. With whistle that can put a match into sudden halt, he is the true leader on the field.

Have a break with Sarsi and orange drink. Sources of glucose for the next match.

Arsenal for Referee. Separating referee from this thing is like segregating a diver from water.

Number 9. Izzuddin played well, back then. Unfortunately, he got spasm around his calf muscle.  He was the last spark of hope for his team to defend their goal from being penetrated by the opponent.

Witness of A Thousand Matches

Lionel Yassin. Hmm..

Last-minute preparation (which I think the cause for his muscle cramp).

The Silhouette of a Star  

Secondary break. All were talking about this and that regarding the previous match they played. Some smiled, some felt disappointed while others were arguing the validity of their moves.

The day was so fine; a blessing indeed for us, the next lamination for the nation's football industry. 

Fetching shoes. Shoes are synonymous with football players. They can be the cause for both glory, and loss.

Discussing matters of field topography. Once for a while, masters will finally have to refer to a common gardener.

That's all, folks. Wait for my upcoming post, which is the sequel for this entry.

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