Thursday, April 14, 2011

4S' Style~~

Today, my friends and I went to JUSCO to celebrate the success of mine. I have accomplished a mission: wearing pink shirt. :)
The immense joy I had with you guys are stupendous! Marvelous! ..and delicious!
Here's some pictures, along with their respective captions. Have a look, and-be jealous..:)

Q: "What is she doing?"
A: "She's copying Lady Gaga"
..truly, ask her.. I don't hell know what does she was trying to convey by this..


Knight Izzudd Wolfs-bane, Emperor of Women's Hearts..

 Which one is Farah??
  a. The yellow-shirted,
b. The white-shirted,
   c. The pink-shirted; or,
d. None of the above
Farah, kidding..

 Please.. no scandal or such. I was just fooling around, so did she..

 Nice~~ :P

Chicken Rice Combo had never, ever disappointed my appetite. I rarely have KFC as my dinner..
..its quite oily, though.. (not good for skin)
Ouh yeah, Bro Nad; sorry for not letting you spend me. Keep you wallet away, bro.. haha

 Savouring till the last piece of chicken. 

 Rice + KFC Spicy + carbonated drink + coleslaw = perfect night meal

 Me and Farah, our step-mom.. :D

 Farah looked so happy as she devoured her meal. Yesserooney.. none can replace the absolute delightfulness of Colonel Sander's recipes.

It was also here where I declared my secret about wedding plan. 
Din asked: "Yassin, when will you get married?"
My respond: "________________________"
Only four of us know the answer.

 My bestest, cutest Penang buddy.. seriously, he is the best Penang boy I had ever known.

 Its dessert time!! Din chose mocha sundae as his finishing. (craving for it, now..)


 "As I turned my head, trying to comfort myself with the seat which I was sitting upon, my eyes caught a beautiful creature standing up on a chair. We were only divided by a wooden fence, which I think if it was not there, I would have probably hug that creature. Before anything went, my beloved Hazel responded to it; snapping every angle possible, trying to get the closest peek to his unbelievably adorable countenance. So cute, so entertaining.."

 I missed my youngest..*tsk, tsk..

Believe it or not: my very first sundae (in the olden days, I call it as "aiskrim mangkuk", not sundae)
Thanks to our oldest sis-I mean, brother for this treat. Really like it when the sourness of its strawberries mixed with the sweetness of vanilla. A perfect match; just like me and Shasha Adventina. secret had been revealed..

After having a satiable meal plus that gorgeous taste of sundae, we made our way back to the college via taxi. Still, some pictures of best depictions.

 This interests me. Bus filled with a bunch of late workers.. some were taking nap, as some were gasping for oxygen beneath the thick, murky atmosphere of that bus. I was observing an old woman, as she leaned her wrinkled face towards the glass window. She looked so tired, more than four of us.. (click on the image to see her)

 Poor man. He had to compromise with Farah's words about marriages and all. I was like, "What is this man thinking as Farah stated about marriage? Does he thinks about his children whom are yet being fed ?"
Along the way, we were discussing about marriages; from the characteristics of a dream girl/boy, to how will the marriage ceremony go.. haha. I learned quite a bit along the journey. Unique.

 Din "..youngest is completely out of my list (of dream girl)"
Poor Farahida a.k.a Megan Fox.. 'sokay, you already have McAvoy, don't you Farah?

Finally, getting back in one piece. Alhamdulillahil ladzi..

That's all for now. thanks for reading. Seriously, you guys (readers) are the best! Love y'all!

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