Friday, May 20, 2011

LOLOLOLest Cats :D

Have I ever told you how much obsessed I am to the innocent, flawless, fluffy, sweet smell sentient being called CAT? Gosh.. like a thousand times more attracted I am to it than to have a new GF *hey, did you have any!?* anyway, roll down guys (I took these pictures from a site LOL).

You can't help but to wonder how magnificent a cat can be:- in a literal or even in a metaphorical sense. I once had a cat, namely Rimau *eits, that was your sister's* SHHH--LOL. Okay, it was my sister's cat, named Rimau. One fine day, Rimau got pregnant. Three cute kittens were begotten, but.. one was without head! *why?* Rimau ate it.. my late granny said that when a cat is about to deliver her offspring, she will get extremely prudence; and will react aggressively upon seeing a tthreat (well, it was me and my sister's fault, then) *so evill~~* oits, I was six, at that time.

So when people distract her, she will eat her kitten. *still, this does not answer* LOL, how should I know? That was my granny's advice; I take it seriously because it did work. Anyway, here is the rest;

Wonderful, aren't them? *yeah, sure*


  1. I love cat....aww....but cannot get one...

  2. kiut~~~ napa dinn? sepa x ska? mom or dad?

  3. SAYA MAU 'CORPORAT FATCAT'!!!!!!!!!! Mau! Mau! Mau!


Ohana :)