Friday, July 29, 2011

One, Final Wish

 "What ship that will not sink, forever?" *"Friendship!!"* | 
Lie. This riddle is nothing but an empty-minded's product; a testament of mortals' limited grasp. Friendship does sink and does wrecked, to the very depth of our memory *gosh, extreme gravitas*. I am not kidding, Sven. 
Humans always tell rumors and hide truthfulness. Only some put themselves as exceptional personalities, bidding their reputations, just in order for humanity to get to know what truth is. These -very rare persons- appeared only sometimes in the course of history. Others besides them are merely pure impostors. Actors. 
Majority lied themselves and lied others, too. They live based on others' dreams and breathe in dramas. They think life can be redone and undone, when in fact; it is not. Even when God gives you another life, mistakes will always be the undo-able. Ahh!!!!!! 
I hate you, my friend; whom hide behind your friends' cloak, watching us bleeding in this war of life. I hate you for giving me hope right from you words and wisdom, when you, yourself are struggling to keep the pace. Striving to make everything so highly-moralized and perfect. I hate your synthetic charisma. I hate your fake-and-get-the-hell-out-of-my-life smile. I hate your eyebrows and eyeballs, and eye sockets. And all parts of your body. 
Supposedly, I should not get angry over you and screaming in front of my laptop. I must not frowning deeply, and having tears right at the very ends of my eyes. As a man- a highly-ethical man whom I have become because of you and your supports, somewhere a little back then- I should see you face-to-face. Then we can have a discussion, duel or something. Or perhaps a knock-out match, because all I need is the end of this. 
But you know what, I think you should always remember this fact:- you forgot to teach me courage. And that is where this whole dilemma started. come here for once and teach me. When I get courageous enough, I will ascertain you that we shall have a match. 

A deathmatch. 
-'Screaming Within' by Sven Medyona-


  1. Sy suka neh entri, dan ayat d atas, jawapan 2 memang 1 penipuan..

    And, sy rasa semua org pernah ada masa jadi "actor" mcm yg ko sebut d atas..

    AND.. courage is something yg ko kena kumpul sendiri.. Walaupun ko x berani, takut, @ risau atas kemungkinan2 kurang baik yg mungkin berlaku, itu x mengubah hakikat yg ko perlu laksanakan apa yg ko rasa perlu dilaksanakan..

    ANDDDDD~~ (swear last untuk komen nih).. Good Luck!

  2. 1. Yaa.. benci American quotes from now on..
    2. Yaa.. saya pun pernah; ndak payah mau sindir :P
    3. Yeker~ *tak bleh blah arh, statement*. HAHAHA. Saya rasa tidak (bagi sayalah)

  3. Tapi bukan semua american quotes x berguna..

    HAHA. Sy x menyindir, sy x layak, sebab sy pun pernah dan mungkin masih samada dalam sedar @ x..

    :) Sy jawab kalau bg sy.. Sebab sy rasa penting untuk selamatkan "ship" yang hampir tenggelam itu.. Kadang2 x berani pun, kena beranikan diri juga..


Ohana :)