Friday, July 15, 2011

Water Supply is raining outside the room. The sky looks so gloomy, yet so luring. Oh God how wonderful will it be; wrapping inside the folds of blanket and sinking deep beneath the soft, warm bed. Imagining the how much the pillow can do my head a temperate hospitality.

Those grey clouds... they seem to laugh at me whom waking from the outside, but dreaming, snoring, sleeping, napping:- all sorts or synonyms that have something to that effect:- inside. ARGHH!! I will get you, Mr and Mrs Clouds!!

Okay, enough blabbering. Lets get back to the issue: water supply. It stopped about eleven p.m yesterday. God Gracious.. its hard to get even a drop of water now. Not even for ablution.

HAHAHAHA... anyway, I laughed at one thing, this morning. It was a dialogue spoken by one of my pal:
"Ini semua salah kerajaan.. tiada pelan untuk kemalangan macam ni!"
Meaning: It is all because of the Government's lack in prudence in handling this kind of situation. Dude, here is an advice especially meant for you: stop being the opposition. Quit those gimmicks and political thought. Live your life, man. Live.. your.. life.

And yeah.. we talked about resolutions, too. Pumping water from nearby lake; collecting rain water; tayammum. HAHAHA. Quite an interesting slot.

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