Sunday, March 20, 2011



Aduss.. kenapa dadaku tiba-tiba sesak ni?Ndak cukup tidur, kali.. anyway, entri kali ini adalah untuk berkongsi gambar yang sudah lama berkebuk di dalam fail Hazel kesayanganku. Enjoy~~

"I could not breathe for the very first second I witnessed the morning,
My eyes rolled all over: looking of another guy like me,
Maybe, sharing the same affection,
None. I guess, I am naive ~,~"

"Blue, yellow and black,
Made up the best combination for such scene..
Hey, is that a star over there?
Well--now I know,
I  have a companion,
Besides God."

"All sorts of things being thrown into a black, ceramic mug,
And it did not became 'CocoCrunch'-
Nor a wizardry recipes: it became,
An apple on an enthusiast's eyes."

"Pretty smoky.. *cough*
But somehow, it reminded me to a time, long ago,
When my mother used to take me,
Strolling down the rows of stalls,
Sometimes buying nothing:
And I bet-for every walk,
I found something new"

Are not they the best matter men had ever possessed?
From watering a farmer's land,
To washing a king's hair,
It had always been a thing, interesting to be studied,
And yet, like Rene` Descartes:
I felt God's Will within its every drop."

"Ahh.. fabric.
Its the perfect companion for a freezing soul,
Wailing for some urgent heat,
Just look at the sewings,
And I could sense a pulse of charisma,
For thousands of years: fabric is man's best friend,
Scoring over Terrier;
Or a German Shepherd."

"I cannot see but a sad for this biscuit,
It will be devoured soon enough,
By those hungry stomachs, gluttony will it face,
But it is just a tiny, midget and spicy cookies..
Who would have eat it?
Well--its already in here *patting stomach*."

"Ever heard of the myth of Narcissus?
He was a being whom so amazed by his radiant look,
Days  by days, he gazed at his own reflection on the calm water,
Of River Cephisus.
Until one day,
He jumped into the water, trying to catch the man,
Which is merely, his own image.
And no--I am not Narcissus. ~,~". "

"Life is like a reflexology path,
Full of embedded pebbles, which;
Projecting above, massaging the poor, tired labours,
By that, it is not an analogue of life,
Its an analogue of a wife."

"Bending down his head,
Scrolling over the screen,
..And keep on scrolling..
To the very end of sentence, or whatever he got in his lappy.
Reading this blog?
Maybe :)."

"Its silver attribute is phenomenal.
If you scrutinize it, detail by detail,
You may feel the agony of its carver, and the smell of metal,
Which melts by the heat of the friction,
Intense force was used, just to manifest the countenance;
Of a ten cent's value."

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