Sunday, April 3, 2011

2nd April 2011~Fútbol Mania! (Picture Package: Part 2)


Here's the thing I have promised to you guys. The sequel for my previous post, '2nd April 2011~Fútbol Mania! (Picture Package: Part 1)'. Its not as incredible as the former, yet it still posses the characteristics of a good picture package *brag much*. Some captions may have been written under extreme emotion influence, so they may vary or a bit metaphoric. Anyway, enjoy!

Our captain as he gives a brief explanation to what should we do.

On the way to the glorious field.

Getting back from HUKM. *stomach full*

Sabahan and Their Magnificent Accent

Stars gathering.
(from right to left: Forlan Aizat, Diego Arif, Lionel Yassin)

Signing up for the match under our lecturer's supervision.

The Universe of Victory: The Routine of Destruction

Rusty Defeat

Thrice, Verdant and Dignity

Half the view is goalkeeper's

Between Leisure and Labor

Wrong Dictation

Still signing up.. scanning the scoreboard

T90. The Destroyer of Other Teams

Obedience with Absolute Entirety 

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