Friday, April 15, 2011

Dr Tan's Legacy

"You have to look at other people, and respect their principles"

"What is important is how would you contribute to the society"

"God created the Universe so beautiful; you can see patterns everywhere"

"Teacher is not only being an educator, but also a member in society"

"I'm not looking forward to get A's.. but I am looking forward for the product.


  1. I like~~ Sy ada buat status 1 quote Miss T dlu.. susah mo tulis suma, sebab sy rasa hampir setiap ayat yg Miss T keluarkan ada maksud yg betul23456789 mendalam n bermakna..

  2. Betul.. Miss Tan ada sesuatu yang sangat saya harapkan akan ada pada saya.. CONFIDENCE yang tinggi gaban


Ohana :)