Friday, April 1, 2011



30th of Mac is the day that was filled with all sorts of enjoyment. The reason is still a mystery, yet; I do not believe that it was caused by the date's uniqueness. Its khurafat, you know. The best idea to explain is it was only a typical day of rahmat. I just enjoy the show~

Anyway, I would like to share some pictures to briefly explain how that particular day went. There are about 16 of them, so, enjoy!

Clouds. They see things we couldn't and we wouldn't.

Ngu's group. I found it quite amazing, seeing that her sleeve's end has the same colour as they group drawing's colour.

Finished work, unfinished daily talks.

Alif's group. Or should I say, duo. Despite the lack in number, they did things together efficiently.

Still have the chance to tease. Farah, a fully-grownup who likes to tease people.
In the end, she'll be the one with babyish grin.

Elly's group: after dividing the works, they got deep into their own matters.
So & Vaisyu. Two great ladies whose English skills I envied so much.
"Haiyya Ooi, head-spinning, arh?"
Gettin' too complicated, Biology can sometimes be a burdening subject.
Syahirah's group. Nice to see them discussing about things together.
Ngu is being too busy, she did not even turn to pose for my snap.
Inside the ribcage. This tiny cavity is where our daily life begins.
Well-built figure; self-explanatory.
My group. I am the boy in green clothes.
Sorry kabur~~
"Si lelaki berbaju hitam, manis mulut mengucap salam,
Bersenda gurau menghapus kelam, membunuh suram,
Terang jadinya alam
-Malayan panton. As sweet as the culture, indeed-
Ardie's group. Quite a fulfillment.
That's all I have for this entry. Uhm.. I will try to update this blog of mine very soon. Anyway, thanks for reading this short reflection.

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