Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Salaam.. I don't know why I feel so enthusiastic to write along these recent days. My fingers couldn't resist the seduction of my PC's keyboards. They will tremble upon seeing it, and I think that this is a serious predicament *yes it is*. For this entry, however, I want to share my most frightening nightmare. Bet you have one, don't you?

The dream came about repeatedly and it began as early as I aged six. It was a very detail horror, I tell you. Sometimes, disrupting my dreaming routine *LOLWUT!? Dreaming routine?* We-; I-, um; well, its true. I have this weird routine. But alhamdulillah for this years, the dream has been very less frequent *you hoped, Yassin.. you hope* Shaddap! Okay people, the dream goes pretty much like this: 
Morning comes and I  take my bath, wear my kindergarten shirt and grab the very edge of my bread during breakfast. I feel enthusiastic to start the day; everyday it seems to be that way, actually. So after having my featherlight breakfast, I ask my mom to stop at what she is doing, asking her to send me to my kindergarten *I was then, a PASTI student, right Yassin?* DUH! Stop interfering the heat of my story *OKAY! OKAYY..*.
Where were we? --oh yeah, I managed to persuade my mother using my puppy dog's eyes technique *okay, I couldn't help but to interrupt.. PUPPY DOG'S EYES?* yeah, I was so cute, ya know. Many people love me, and pinch my cheeks upon their impatience of staring my adorableness *Yassin... * and our neighbour too, would come to do the  the same thing; putting me on their lap and tease me *uhm-Yassin* and, and and I would giggle with such cuteness *YASSIN* ..ya know, I was like Shin Chan *YASSINN!!* What!?! *you have gotten to far from the topic.. nightmare, remember?* Oh yes.. okay. LOL, didn't notice that time  flies fast.Going back to the plot: to put things simple, we walk together by foot to my kindergarten.
Then, we reach a damping site; where everything around us are nothing but mountains of garbages; and you name it, all kinds of stuff are there.its like the Universe's junkyard. When my mother and I pass one of the those mountains of disgust, there is this monster suddenly jump out of that pile of garbage. As it appears, we weirdly do nothing but witnessing the monster. Suddenly, it goes straight to my mother and gulp her whole--yes, fellow readers, it got my mother. And then, I woke up like in a pool of sweat, and ran to my mother. Never tell her why I was behaving like that. HAHAHA, what a bad boy I was *uuhm, am*, :D HAHA.. yes, I am still a bad boy.
If you think that is weird enough, you are wrong. You forgot how the worker looked like the monster looks like. I have been browsing for this particular character and found this one below to be the most lookalike to my nightmare monster. Behold! ..and please, believe? 
LOL. I am serious.. this Count Count (from 'Sesame Street' series) is the most exact depiction of the monster I have told earlier on. Heck:- you don't believe, its up to you. Dreams are there to be refuted, ROFL :D So, there you have it; my worst nightmare. Feel free to tell me yours, Imma good listener, you know.. Peace.


  1. ffffuuuuuuuu... 2 analisis dr sudut pandangan sy la,
    - ko sayang mama ko n ko takut kehilangan..
    - bukan analisis sgt, tp.. kira soalan la, ko takut ka patung 'hidup'?
    Apa cerita seram yang ko pernah tgk masa budak2 yg pling ko ingat?

  2. Wahaha. Saya jawab:
    -Betul; tidak diragui
    -'Child`s Play'

  3. hahaha, tula ko banyak tgk cerita hantu.. 1st tym sy kena insomnia sebab sy tgk cerita seram friday the 13th.. nda juga bkin takut bh, tapi konsep dia yg buat sy terbayang2.. adakaa, ko bygkan kalau kena bunuh dlm mimpi, ko mati juga d dunia sebenar.. 1 ketakutan sy masa kecil, sy SENTIASA dihantui ni bentuk geometri setiap kali sy pejam mata.. that's why sy x suka tidur dalam keadaan gelap.. nanti buat entri pasal 2..

  4. Ya.. dengan wayang 'Sawman'.. menakutkan pembunuhnya; bertopeng sambil bawa gergaji rantai. Wei, jangan tifur dengan lampu hidup, merencatkan perembesan melatonin, senang dapat kanser kau nanti.

  5. And yes..


  6. Sy tau pasal tidur dengan lampu terpasang.. Tapi, sy x dapat.. GAH.. 200? congratez! *finally?* hahaha!

  7. Bahawa kowt (!?), nanti kanser. Hua hua hua. taulah die dah 270+ pos. Siapaah kite ni (serius, tidak mungkin saya dapat hidup dengan bercakap macam ni)

  8. SY PENAKUT.. to be exact, 283.. :) ko terbawa2 tuh balik sabah nanti barula MANTAPPP!

  9. PERGH!! --Yalah.. kamulah paling {WIN} dalam hal pos-mengepos ni..

  10. memang paling manang.. tapi ko menang inti :)


Ohana :)