Sunday, May 15, 2011

Utter Shock


Tsunami Japan, A Reminder.
The only word sufficient enough to describe my feeling. Momentous, indeed. Well--what happened?

 I was surfing the Net; looking materials/substances for my another blog. While I was plainly typing things up, I met a blog that have changed my perspective so much about life. A blog which turned me into a very serious guy (well, for the time being).

The blog was written by a Singaporean and he appeared to have shown drastic transition in his life. Initially, he wrote about his free life; without any fear and just.. like a freeman. There were so much hedonistic statements which sometimes show Westernized-self. And that attracted me.

As I went further, scrolling deeper into this particular guy's entries, I found that he slowly turned into more humble and pious being. He began to look deeper into life and that did not just stop there.

I went to his archives, clicking his latest post and what shocked me was the vast difference of ideology and consciousness compared to his first post. He was really, an amazing guy.

I am very happy to meet such people; whom willing to change for the sake of realization that life has got to end. I give you, dear brother; my highest salutation. You are the greatest blogger so far. And I am looking forward to read more about your exodus of iman.

It is indeed, Allah SWT is Most Powerful in doing anything. When He desires, anything can happen. Including what had happened to this particular guy. I was hoping if I can somehow link you guys to his blog. But, I think I need to have his confirmation. Its his private life.
For those whom are anticipated to know who this guy is; look up for my Facebook. He is my recent 'Friend'. 

All the best for you, brother. Readers, let us pray for his and our security of iman and God's forgiveness.


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