Thursday, June 9, 2011

#175: Me

Salaam...I think there is no, sulking at the corner of the room; waiting for someone to persuade me. This blog has to run as I have promised to myself *and to readers, if any*. Okay, let us talk about the latest song I have widgeted on this blog, the ona that you are hearing right now. 


I have come to realize that recently, I was being more and more ignorant. I did my Fajr prayer at 7.00AM. I did many sins/mistakes and yet, none have been overcome by me. I hate being this kind of people and I really, really hate myself upon delving into me. Who am I and what I should be, really?

There were so many things I would like to undo and redo. Its just that, the past *and the present* keeps on haunting me. I always felt indifferent to it; I pretend that the things *sins* I did as an involuntary actions. I hate that excuse so much. But yet, its the only thing I would think of, once seeing what I have done. 

I always hope that Allah SWT will bless me with hidayah. I could not resist myself by doing that. I do.

There shoes that I am wearing, I hope no one will. Let me be the only human being this wrecked: hypocritic, self-centered and ignorant. And whilst writing this, I am listening to the song; what more would you expect that a bewildering soul, looking for light.

I know what I did were *note: "were"* wrong. But I just could not get over it.. its to heavy to beshouldered, to be overcome. Had I have the power to destroy this misbehaviour, I would give all I have. But then, that will surely makes me something whom in loss.

*No, Yassin.. sacrificing your whole life for Paradise is not a loss; it is a gain!*

Sven, I do hope that what you have just said as something that is so easy to be done. It is not. 


  1. Yassin, jan emo. Kalaula ko tau betapa teruk lagi sy neh, banyak benda yg sy pernah buat dulu, yang sy betul2 mau lupa.. I think of it as my biggest mistakeS.. Betul2 menyakitkan bila malam2, tym x dapat tidur, sy berbaring, and teringat balik benda2 yg sy pernah buat.. and I can't think of any excuse untuk cover benda2 yg sy pernah buat..

  2. Nah..just trying to express myself. After Allah and my family, I don't have anyone else here to listen to my feeling..

  3. Many people ready to listen cuma ko ja perlu letak kepercayaan neh, ur best buddy, Dinn, pun always there..


Ohana :)