Saturday, July 2, 2011

Experiment No. 01072011

Salaam...yerterday, we were having an experiment which was then divided into three subsets. The class was split into four groups. Below are several photos that describe how magnetic field effects iron fillings. I will explain it under the photo in caption.

This is solenoid. It is a wire that have been coiled into several turns. Then, at both ends, the electrical wires are being connected to them. Immediately, we get this picture. If you can see at the middle, there are some straight lines which theoretically have the same width of interval spaces. This is due to the uniform magnetic field inside it.
This one, is an attempt to create a circular pattern by using only one current carrying wire. According to Right Hand Grip (RHG) rule, when the current is 'entering' the paper, the magnetic field will somehow moves clockwise. I a not so convinced about this law; why it moves to one single direction and not randomly? Why are there spaces between those magnetic lines? Are not there any magnetic fielnd in between them? And a lot more questions.
I am sad, because there was one more experiment, of which I did not manage to take picture. It was the effect of number of turns towards magnetic field strength, B. *So sad..* nevermind.. hey, Sven! Stop jinxing..

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