Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sven's Talking

Salaam, fellow readers.. *readers!? Hello.. any body home??* Ehh, my page has viewers-lah. Do not dare to provoke it :)

Do you know that this year's July is a significant month? Do not know? --well, Sven to the rescue (Sven, do the rest of this post) *Okay!! (seldom get this chance)

On the year of 1188, at the month of July; five Fridays, five Saturdays and five Sundays happened. In that period of thirty-one days. The coincidence will only happened once for every 823 years. Now, add 1188 to 823... what is the next years of that coincident?

HAHAHA.. that is the significance. Now haste now and cherish! (Clinking punch)*

Thanks, Sven. You did well *I always*. Okay, I take back that praise. HAHAHA, JK. *:'c* I was just kidding, Sven.. (quarelling begins)

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