Sunday, August 7, 2011

Good Bye.. .n,n.

Salaam... just wanna tell you guys that I have moved to another blog. *This blog is going to be abandoned??* No laa--it'll still exist, but with no more posts *oh great, that's just as good as dying, Yassin!* Urmm~it's just that...

*So, it ends here....*

HAHAHA. Don't be so dramatic, Sven. You go with me (pulling Sven's hand)

*(Sven pulls his hand back; sitting while hugging his knees) I'm staying...*. Subhanallah, what are you talking. Its not that I'm going to change myself. This blog stays as it is, and we'll go. 

*Is this exodus really necessary?*

Yeah, try to understand. Come one, Sven (Sven look at me). Oh come on, we'll make other story line. We have learned so much from this blog!

(Sven stand up, and holds my left hand tightly, with his both hands. We walk, and I can sense that he's looking back, at the cosmos both of us have built.)

G'bye, Cosmos. 

(P/S: Go to here, for my newest blog. I will be writing in there, from now on)


  1. Gara2 x dpt upload gambar kaa..

  2. Ndaklaa.. sebab adalah dirahsiakan (okeh, memang itu tujuannya)

    Ko rasa bebaloikah?


Ohana :)