Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Tadabbur #2

Salaam... hari ketiga berpuasa pun tiba. Ndak rasa sudah 1/10 hari Ramadhan berlalu, kan? Memang hidup ini umpama roda, tapi dalam kes saya; nampak macam roda Aston Martin. Tidakpun, kereta Proton Spectra yang laju gila-gila (sarkasme).

Lepas hari ini; esok, dan esok, dan esok, dan esok... perulangan stanza kehidupan yang tiada noktahnya, tetapi masih saja mahu terus didendangkan. Dunia ini kejam, saya beritahu anda. Tiada jeda langsung untuk menarik nafas interbaris. Perlu terus dibacakan tanpa henti.

Jika anda seorang pemuisi, anda akan perasan betapa dekatnya--secara teori--simbolik sajak dengan jalan kehidupan manusia. Sedih, gembira, patriotik dan hipokrasi juga; menjadi tema sajak/kehidupan. Melihat kepada ini, mereka berdua ini saling tidak tumpah.

Tetapi barang diingat, kalau salah menulis sajak, masih boleh dipadam. Kalau salah dalam hidup?

Tentulah menjadi parut kekal. Kadang-kadang berkudis dan bernanah, macam yang Kari-Ngeri selalu tunjuk tu..

(alih bahasa)

*How should we deal with them (mistakes)?*

Letting yourself be carried away with problems is a suicide. And trying to ignore it is also a kamikaze act of not-so-smart sentient. So how?

Objectively speaking, there are a number of ways that are can be used (in accordance to the size, type and the gravitas of problem you are facing). Consulting the knowledgeable, reflecting and correcting past mistakes, recalling experience, incorporate knowledge-based solution are steps that are sufficient.

Now keep in mind that not all problems can be solved completely in one day. As the saying goes, "Rome was not built in one day" of which I think, quite synonymous with what I have previously said. Problems should be faced politely and in phases (depends on the size and weight of the said problem). Take time to sit back and have a mug of hot coffee while jotting possible solutions 

--and argue! Try to build self argumentation skills in you. It helps a lot in solving various problems (based on my experience). Facing problem, I always fight intuitively with him *someone call me hmm?!* HAHAHA. Though it seems like a "go banana" methodology, it works. Indefinitely :)

But all of these are incomparable to the way Allah have shown us. Allah's teaching will always stands evermore supreme as compared to what our humanistic cognitive mind could think of. He does not, you know, give a heavenly solution but merely motivates us. Energizing us with inspiration. And yeah, it solves the source from which a problem rises.Lt us take Take one question:

"Aaagghh!! It's damn will I cope this? It's waay too inmpossible!"

And Allah SWT beautifully answers:
[94: 5] "Indeed for every hardship, there is an ease"[94: 6] "And for every hardship, there is an ease"[94: 7] "So when you have done (with one problem), keep on working (for other problem)!"
Is not it beautiful? How Allah first motivates His Slaves that this problem is solvable and then, in the end, motivates them to keep on solving other problem available. *Check another Holy Book, see if we can be demonstrated with similar solution*.

And one more step which Allah SWT have given in the very same Book (that is, Qur'an) is to always be dependent towards Him. Some people are arguing the necessity of being calmed down by the Unseen God. They believe God; but always putting Him a step behind. This is not the way it should be.

Talking through experience (again), I think we should prioritize Allah SWT over all things. When we are to solve a particular problem, for instance; ask Allah SWT first *why??* Why? Because this whole Universe is his, my friend. 
[1: 2] "All praise to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds!"
He knows His Creation far better than what we know about the same thing. So logically, when you are to resolve a situation, ask the owner of the situation first, that is Allah SWT. Allah SWT Hears, fellow friends. just.. have faith on Him. Make du`aa.
[67: 13] "And hide your voice (in context: problems) or unleash them. Indeed, He is the All-Knowing of all hearts' content"
[1: 5] "Thou we Worship and Thou are too, we seek Aid (and Guidance)"
[1: 6] "Guide us to the Straight Path"
And only after that, struggle to reach the success of problem-solving. Remember, struggling is part of the du`a. :)

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