Monday, January 31, 2011

~A Little Sumthing For My Friends~

::Friend is like a 'Default' button. When anything and everything turn bad, you just have to get you 'Default' button and all will be normal again::

::I was asked, "What is friend?". Then I replied, "When you are in trouble, he makes you smile. And when he is in trouble, he makes you wanna cry"::

::The more I learn about friend, the more I know what love is::

::True friend is like a boat. He reaches the success island by transporting you there::

::The best part of having friends is, the more you share happiness with them, the more enjoyable that happiness is::

::Having friends is all about self discovery::

::The only person who best represents you is your friend::

::Love your friend, until the end::

::There had never been a man of success without friend. As if it is the main stair towards glory::

::When you tag him, he will  say 'Thank You'. And when he tag you, he will say 'Thank You', too. That's how weird friendship is::

::Sometimes, you recover yourself through a person called as friend::

::It maybe hard to accept, but friend is your true lover::

::Anyway, I love my friends! ^^::

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