Friday, April 29, 2011

Last Post For Today (InshaAllah)


Okay, I know I have posted so much in just a day. I didn't give a darn. Remember the rule: "Its my blog.. I can as free as I could". Period.

Just wanna tell you sumthing.. I was browsing through Facebook (I don't hell know how my account re-activated itself), when I stumbled upon a person. Haha--real life Shinichi Kudo, I'm damn serious..

Never thought Malaysia would've such a man. Anyway, credits to him for having the countenance, all men envied at. Readers sorry.. I can't disturb his privacy, so I couldn't post his picture here. LOLWUT!?
 *clap, clap, clap* ..and one more thing; I think Malaysia should have one of these:
Just a penny of thought. I think if we install of this one in the vicinity of this college, it'll worth it. Trust me, we have a bunch of students whom are depressed and suppressed, with lava that waits the right tick of clock to burst and explode. Let them explode it here.. its more interactive and productive :)

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