Sunday, April 24, 2011

My Opinion About the Matter: Bernoulli's Principle: Answered!


Someone has been forcing me to write an answer for this issue, the issue of Bernoulli. Okay, I will try my very best to respond to his demand.

As I have just stated before, I was wrong. The pressure that I took into account is the horizontal (vector momentum) one. I neglected the phrase, "internal pressure". Okay, what is internal pressure?

I understand internal pressure as a pressure that starts from the core of a mass to its surface. Meaning, 4/3πr^2 of pressure if a mass is globular. 
It radiates from the center to the surface, altogether. 
Bernoulli's apparatus to test his principles. It turned out that his principles has became the most profound theory in aerodynamics.

Anyway, I guess it solves all. Sorry for being negligent, bro. 


  1. Yassin, respect ko.. sebab ko antara those few people yg actually care untuk kc pasti benda2 mcm neh.. antara those few people yg x mau jadi "just another robot"..

  2. Bukan.. macam pelik, macam ganjil ja saya ni..

  3. bukan ko yg mengaku pelik ka d entri sebelum neh..? nda la.. I hope I can be like u, not just another robot..

  4. NadJoliey: That's what I tried to point out..


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