Thursday, May 19, 2011


I have bad experience believing  a certain light as my destination. Seeking light is not the best way to get 'there'. Careful inspection and calculation must be done accurately, before jumping out of your bath tube and shouting, "Eureka!".

Light can be deceiving, but it is not as deceiving as the obstacles to get there. A philosopher once have said, "The hardship itself is part of knowing the light. It is a preposterous to say you have reached the end of the rope without getting any bruise." 
And weirdly as it (always) seems, that sentence is true. 

The key point in understanding which light that needs to be taken depends on your necessity and view of life. If you live as a Muslim, you cannot expect of having death without any surreal process. And vice versa. So, the essence is to introspect yourself using NPI methodology. What is NPI?

NPI is a short term for the phrase, 'Negative-Positive-Interesting'. This process is used to evaluate one's future and the plan that goes with it. For instance; "Is marrying now, good?" HAHAHA.. something like that.

Anyhow, back to the topic: how can one distinguish his desires with his needs?
Well, there are plenty of ways. One of it is to ask for opinion. Ask everyone; seniors and juniors, too. Because thoughts vary across age and culture. Or better yet; ask your parents.. they know what is good and what is not for you. 
The other way is by asking yourself (this applies only to those whom extremely sincere towards everything about him/herself); "Will the absence of such and such make me a lesser being? Will it affect my life, or take a large chunks of me?"
Having answered that, the rest of the odyssey will be a lot better/smoother. 
Well, I guess thats it. See ya in my next post *which will be  posted faster that you could have ever imagined. LOL*. Had you have any question, just write it in the white box below.


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