Thursday, June 9, 2011


"Without dying, living is just as empty as not existing"
Salaam... hello, this post probably is the finishing sequel of the theme 'Death'. Strange, aite? ..that the most fundamental question known to man is the shortest to be discussed, and the hardest to be revealed. Death is a mystery, indeed.

Now you may find it weird when a boy; an immature kid to be exact, talking about death. Well, from a normal human perspective, I am only nineteen. But when we fit into Islamic view, nineteen is all too old. Longevity in Islam is unknownable, so it is equally fair for us to say that youngness is also an unknown subject. So in Islam, age does not speak. Personality is.

I know, I am nobody. I may have no qualification to talk about this "prestigious" theme. But let me share my thought. Be fair with me, okay?

Two previous posts were just rubbish, are not them? They merely talked about myself and problems that revolved *and revolve* around me. Sorry me for that private and un-academic posts. I got carried away with personal problems *personal stuff should never be mixed with social intern*. Anyway, let me begin this writing by stating the significance of those preceding posts.

Like me, each and everyone of us have problem(s). It is just that, we are to ashame, egoistic, secretive, conservative and orthodox to share them. We have been overwhelmed by the notion, "I could resolve these by my own" and as a normal being, I have been there, too. Countless time.

Problem is our best friend, according to Lenka's 'Trouble Is a Friend' song. Problem drives us to our maximum performance and thus replenishes the best of our potence. We are stronger than what we look like. We have been created that way.

The question that raises after that proved to be more baffling than its previous adjacent. Why God created us that way? Well frankly--me too am unable to answer that conclusively. I can merely be speculative: God created us that way so that we could interact. So that we could realize that we are not perfect and constantly need support. The quote, "We will always have the room for improvement"--which is quite true to me--proves that we will always be a weak creature. We shall be forever, haunted by weaknesses.

Talking about weaknesses, I bet you can answer this: "What is man's biggest weakness?". Answer, death. Undoubtedly, death is our gravest disadvantages. Things do not just stop there, dear. Death gives birth to thousands more unanswered questions which give the same magnitude of unsurety to us.

Why we die? How will we die? What there is in the serving plate after our death and a whole lot more questions. These questions are unevitable to a thinker's head. Death lurks in every corner of road, every crevasse and in every hole of darkness. Death is unpredictable and unavoidable. Ask yourself, right now, "When will you die?"

Maybe, we can never answer that. Maybe, we are fated to be that way with hikmah. The important thing is to ask another homogenous question: "Are you ready?"

I am not, if you ask me. That is all from me, thank you.
..and for you guys' attention; death would surely not come in this form. 

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