Thursday, June 23, 2011

I Hate You, Fellas~

Salaam... Democracy.

Oh how I hate this system being implemented amongst students *WHY!?* please stop at asking "why", Sven. Back me up, OK?

Because they use it to burden me. I was appointed by our GERKO lecturers as a club secretary. Heck~the hatred of being an "important" person is one thing, and the hatred of having to write every single word our lecturers say is another. I damn hate writing!!! -heaven-

"Thanks" people for using *I'd rather say; abusing/misusing* your democratic force to vote me. Hate it. And hate all of you.


  1. Skali skala, nak bantu ko dpat A dalam gerko...

  2. Saya lagi rela jadi ketua kah, apakah... ini jadi setiausaha. >;(

  3. u hate writing? berapa banyak sudah entri ko huh gaman~~~~? HAHA.

  4. Farah: I am trying my best :|
    NadJoliey: Maksud saya, penulisan yang rasmilah~

  5. I know righttt~~~~~~~ tulah sebab best tulis entri blog.. xda kan?

  6. Betul sangat.. sebebas-bebasnya.


Ohana :)