Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Let Us Talk Democratically

Very funny.

I never thought that this young man would be butthurt and provoked for all the things I said about the Government. D'LOL dude... why do not you defend your Government if you really love them. That is the whole idea of democracy. We treat every voice equally and critically discuss it. Then, we make detail analysis and finally end up with a consensus. That is how democratic society works. And if you cannot stand to be that defensive, find another nation, and yes; that is so ironic. Shit happens.

Being a fencesitter; a non-partisan, I would always looking forward to improvise my thoughts and ideas about politics *though it is eternally uncleanable*. I listen to what others have to say, and even discuss with my friends about the recent political turbulence. I seldom read but observe, and yes; I still am having a lot to learn before I can professionally speak about politics.

As I have stated earlier in one of my post, I am not interested in being a politician *I thought youths have better things that need to be done (being a teacher or a doctor, for example)*. I study politics due to my father's constant exposure towards me and I am pretty much, inspired with his vibrant ideas about politics or siasah, if you may. 

Politics is uncleanable and ad hoc; will resort to nothing but dirtiness. When we choose to be politician, we are actually deciding to jump into a lake of corruptions, lie, bigotry, stupidity, nepotism and any other unclean words that you can think of. 

Of course, there is a cure for it. Islam *I am not going to discuss this in this entry; but I will soon*. Again dude; do not feel offended. I was just voicing out my opinion and I think your democratic government that you love so much will have no reason to be irritated. And if you still are feeling disgusted about this opinion of mine, I would glad to hear your voice. 


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