Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Let Us Talk Logically

Are you a great fighter?
Try killing that old man with a single blow.
*BUM! The old man fell down, bleeding. There was no sign of breathing*
Man, you're not a GOOD fighter.

I still am not satisfied with my previous post. There are things I wished to mention which I did not. So, here we go again *with another random babbling*. SVEN!!

In Physics, there is one main theory which suggest how the Universe came into being.It is Heisenberg Theory of Uncertainty. I could not remember every details of it, but I still can recall one basic philosophy which has been incorporated into it. Its founder *or is it co-founder?* Heisenberg once said that neutrality is a non-existence. We will just stop at that statement. 

*Do you agree with that notion?* for some odd reasons, he seemed to be correct. Although I am a fencesitter, there is still a little, little piece of me that support the Government. I have owed the Government so much, especially in educational pursuit *with Allah's approve, of course*.

Dude, I know how much you owed the Government. I am now in the same shoes and I could not help myself but to be biased with the Government for some judgments I did for both sides (Government and Opposition). I realize that I was/am degrading non-partisan's title. I hell care.

But then, there are things we should not look too serious. Justification of who is right and wrong must never be influenced with emotion and personal matters. We must adhere to logicism because in democratic society, we are not alone, living. There are 27 million peoples in our country, for example. Being sentimental to what the Government gave you is irrational and sounds irritating to me. So push that sense of owing aside. We must be neutral *though it is impossible*.

I was hurt when you cynically said, "Be an Imaam, Yassin". It was like a blackout. Complete darkness.

I never thought that you would say things like that. I tried not to be a star or an imaam. I was just saying what I thought as true and your democratic head should logically accept that *do you even think only imaam  and mursyidul have the authority to speak about politics?* 

*Will you then, quit Yassin?* are you kidding me?
*Will you 'gulung tikar'* you are kidding. This struggle must be continued at all costs ;[

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