Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Salaam... enough talking about darn politics. I think I have myself clear by those two preceding posts and now, let us get back to my normal way of posting. This time, I would like to say something about 'Randomness'.

Amongst thousands, only one or two know what the meaning of randomness is. Randomness is something that regards a random arrangement that also depicts the unexistence of patterns; an opposite to order, hierarchy and structuralization. Randomness can also be understood as the occurence that has no specific reference to predict it, but to look at what we have. Randomness may provides a neutral state of being, because it builds and destroys.

Randomness--in our everyday life--occurs incessantly. It is something that is unavoidable, unpredictable and inevitable *I remember a science report that has been conducted by a scientist. It talks about a randomness that so random, we can predict it* ahh yes, I recall that. It was from NatGeo book *some Muslim scholars said that another synonym for randomness is accidentalism*.

Atheists believe that the Universe happened that way (in a random manner), as a consequence of their skepticism about God. They believe that the Universe occured without any proper construction or careful planning; without any grand design. Some of them then turn to nihilism; an ideology which bravely states that the existence of our are but without meaning. We just... happened.

If you wonder how to battle this ideology, then you might be on the right spot *though I cannot guarantee you that I have the best solution* but here we go...

If they believe that the Universe is a randomness, then they should also agree that it exists without any proper pattern. And if they say yes, then the case can be rested. *Why?* because when they say it is random, where did those theories that they proposed about the Universe came from? Where did all the principles of existence that they bragged so much originate? We all know that equations, theories, principles, ideas, and philosophical thoughts must always come from the realization that there is some sort of patterns. And when you have a believeable set of idea, then you are saying that there is an existence of orders. In other words; there is NO randomness.

So by then, you can get back to the original scheme, that the Universe did happen with some patterns and orders; with manners that so obvious to our eyes and minds. And *dundundunnn...* finally ask them: "Where did these patterns, orders and manners of Universe construction came from?"

Case solved.

(P/S: To further consolidate the meaning of randomness, let me demonstrate to you what it is all about.)

...if you have a great mind, you will have no problem, seeing my intention.


  1. berani kau ambil gmbr ak tgh makan benda ni!!!hahahahahhahaa!!!

  2. Saya memang berani *dah kau buat 'posing' tu, apalagi yang boleh saya buat selain menangkap gambarnya?*


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