Thursday, July 14, 2011

Hotstuff! ;)

Salaam...some of the hottest; I mean SUPPA-DUPPA HOT pictures for today.
*Attention boys and girls under 18: this blog contains adult contents. All side effects such as misbehavior, misunderstanding and misinterpretation after viewing these photos are due to the lack of viewer's discretion. Blog owner will not be responsible for any of those, stated above. Or something to that effect (by the way, I have tagged this post as '18SX'. Can you imagine..)*
Ouch! Hotstuf~HAHAHA.
Hot d`Art. Wootwoot.
Hot picture *undeniable* HEHEHE  "~.^b
Cool drinks (Farah, hate you...  Hate you! Hate you! Hate you! Hate you! Kau yang pujuk saya beli ini, kan?)
Tranquil scenery *new degree of hotness, yarr~*
Hot hair and hot water container! Fuuh~another two hot stuff.
Hot poses. And relaxed faces :)
Hot book (now, my mind is flying faaar away to the infinite probability of what a "hot book" really means.. #mandarklaugh)
Now come the six hottest things that have occurred today.. behold, and bewitched!
Hot dude? He who wore dark shirt, was having a chat with someone through  the cellphone, even knowing that making noises in prohibited in library. How hotter can it get? :D
Unspeakable..unspoken. The amazing hot filament bulbs. They cause the effect of of air-conditioner to dissipate. Now you tell me, how hot is that??
Hot glance and hot bookshelf. Staring at those books in the shelf makes me want to take all of `em away, and spend my entire life, sinking myself in a sofa, reading `em all day long.. anyway, sad things. *Why?? What??* I realized that my reading skills and passion have been dissociating. And it is disappearing faster than ever. I do not know how to revive it.
:( Not Hot! NOT HOT!!
Hot car! Pimp my engine, and I will pimp your wallet...WAHAHA. *When will, Yassin.. when will you have the chance to utter those words* HAHA.. inshaAllah. Amiin..
"I'm on fire.. I'm ON FIREEE!!!!!!!!" Absolute hotness in terms of shape, size, design, performance and lustrous.
Hot `usrah! HOT `USRAH!!!!!!! Go to masjid, for further info about this whole hot activity.


  1. *like (sebab ade gmbar fyna :D)

  2. former roommate... skrg dh brpisah..huhu.. dua2 tggal dgn senior..


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