Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Ugly Is Beauty

Salaam...ironic? *What?* The title... *On. Not ironic, more like paradox.. why? How can ugliness equals to beauty?* I will demonstrate it, right here. Okay..

Have you ever wonder why God created some of us as ugly, while some; enjoy the beauty? It is a question that constantly haunts us, and eternally will to the humanity. If God is Fair and Powerful, why cannot He devises this Universe with a system that will constantly create beautiful things, and not the ugly one? Fine, we will leave this question here.

Now, imagine I have a basket full of apples. There are ten apples, one proved to be more beautiful than the others. Which will one pick, if he was to asked to choose one? Note that the nine others are equally  delicious as the beautiful one. Of course, he will most probably choose the most beautiful apple.

Why did he pick the most beautiful one? Why not the less beautiful, the less red, the duller and the more insignificant one? Answer: Because it is our instinct that caused us to think that beauty means goodness. Just like the case of this apple. Okay, keep this too, aside.

Let us redo the scenario. Now I have ten apples in the same basket, with similar taste and smell. And with the very same redness and beauty. If the same man (who did the previous pick before) is asked to pick one from this recent basket, which apple will he take?

Ironically, he will start to feel confused. All apples have the same color, beauty, taste and smell. He would choose randomly. When asked why, he might say something like this:
"All look just the same.. all beautiful. I cannot choose"
This is where the miracle starts to work. I shall review this as a whole in a short reflection.
"We cannot debate this man is in his Heaven; smiling away, though knowing that he is ugly.
All it takes is you: to change yourself to what you desire, not to what people demand"
At the previous test, we can learn that the man automatically picked the more beautiful apple, once seeing it shun above others. This can be summarized as to say that the particular apple is beautiful above others. But when the same man was asked to choose amongst  the apples, he would then hesitate. Why did not he choose automatically like the way he did with the previous experiment? It is because the beauty of a red, delicious apple disappeared when all around it looked just the same.

This is the same thing that happen in our Life. Had Allah made all of us beautiful, then the beauty disappear. None will look beautiful and this will lessen the meaning of Life. With difference in beauty level, we will learn to be grateful with our condition. If you think that you are ugly, know this:- you are the door for one to really recognize and appreciate beauty. You will be among those who become the reason for people to appreciate him/herself. And this what makes an ugliness as a beauty, even though indirectly. 

And one more thing:- none of us are ugly. We are just individually unique. :)


  1. Paling suka ayat last. Sebab sy slalu pujuk diri mcm tuh bila sy rasa diri U-G-L-Y. Seriously.

    And nope, sy x suka apple merah sangat, sy suka yg x berapa merah asal not rotten isi dia. :)

    AND YASSIN, I love this entry.

  2. NadJoliey: Haha. Just sharing my thought. I heard complaints from one of our classmates, stating how much he/she envies men/women with beautiful faces and shapes. Hope he/she will read this and understand that, he/she is beautiful.

    Hey, I like Granny Smith type of apple. Crunchy and delicious.

    My pleasure


Ohana :)