Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Summary For Today (I Mean, 5/7/2011)

Salaam...there have so many things took place today. I will just write them in one, short essay. Hope you enjoy it!

The day started by with Pengantar Pendidikan class. It was quite contented. There were so many things that I have come to learn, which I previously had no knowledge about. About educational concepts and definitions, about the aims and goals of education; all of these taught me that education is something that is so important in our live, we might not getting into Heaven without it. This, by the way, is only my personal opinon.

Then, we attended Puan Rahmah' Bahasa Melayu Dalam Komunikasi Bertulis. Sincerely, it was a boring class, but wait:- I did learn something. I learned the way to become a good speaker. You know, speaking with confidence in front of millions of people is something that I have always dreamt about. And I also want to learn how to make body language confidently and appriopriately. I think this particular class (BDKB) might come in handy.

After that, we had Chemistry and Mathematic. Both were as equally fair. I mean, not so interesting but still quite an effective learning. In Chemistry, we managed to learn sigma and pi bonds, potential energy and its association with overlapping of orbitals. In the other hand, we learned statistic; from ordinal to nominal, population, sample and cluster; yada, yada, yada.. the funniest part was when we were asked to give our height and weight. Three people refused to give their weight details :D. Wonder why...

And came the best part of the day. Madam Lim had arranged a pretty nice interpersonal activities. She asked us to separate the sections of a newspaper *she kept on saying NIP*, taught us on how to conlcude and to infer. She like, gave us some scenario and then asked us to guess what kind of place/person that had been described by the scenario. I managed to guess one, while the other, a not so right answer.

Finally, we moved on to the next activity. Hell enjoyable. We were asked to talk in groups about our passions, talents and things that make us unique. First off: me, whom like to watch the glimmering stars on the sky. Sky is perhaps the most inspiring subject to artists and painters, all around the world, across the time. You should see how Van Gogh exploited the starry night sky as subject of his famous, 'Starry Nights', 'Café Terrace at Night' and 'Starry Night over Rhone'.
'Starry Night over Rhone' by Vincent Van Gogh.
'Starry Night' by Vincent Van Gogh.

'Café Terrace at Night' by Vincent Van Gogh.
Calming, is not it? I like painting, drawings or even sketches; anything that has starry sky as its background. Now, you may getting all dizzy. "Why do you enjoy nightsight?", as to Madam Lim asked. Well, it is quite complex. But I will just simplify it into a paragraph: 

        "God created this Universe so beautiful". This is the first sentence that came out of my mouth during one of my nightsight, somewhere around 2008. It was on Earth's Hour, when my colleagues invited me to come out of the dorm-- to look at the night sky. I initially rejected that invitation. But when the romm started to look so dark and boring, I decided to go. And God. I love night sky, since.

*WAIIIITTTTT!!!! What about the other group members!?*

 Oh yeah.. almost forgot about them. Hehehe, please do not get angry. I am a Parkinson patient *naudzubillahi min dzaalik*. Ehm, here we go.

Nadiah: She kept on telling about her extreme passion and extreme talent, that is, do  extreme sports. I sort of dibelieved him *meant her* you too, I guess. But hell her act and attitude are far manlier than I am. Not to say that I am a less man, but just emphasize how extreme she is. I believe she could go to the most extreme, just by looking the spirit and enthusiasm in her eyes.

Vaisyu: You would never believe, once I tell you her "unique" passion. I was like, jawdropped.. speechless.. trembling... all sorts of feelings like what you will haveupon hearing Ripley's stories. She loves wet clothes. Literally. *Wha!?!?!* Okay, this is what she told us; when her mother finished washing and half-drying the laundry, she would be there to take a shirt or two, to be used as her domestic shirt. You see, newly half-dried clothes will have this type of half-wet attribute. She wears that, and please do not hold your jaw from dropping.

Ooi: He is a pacifist and a materialistic man at the same time. He prefers traveling and it is his dream to travel abroad. New Zealand, Rome, France are some of the countries he mentioned to go to. My advice: follow your heart, and you will never regret. It is all about aim and the road to it *by the way, his interest is shared by Nadiah. She loves traveling, wonder how...*

That's all folks.


  1. IRENE?
    BTW, sy TERINGIN mau travel all over d world.. Dalam mimpi ja la stakat neh, belum menjadi kenyataan lagi.. Harap2 dapat laa..

    Extreme sport, I know right, I'm such a chicken tapi sy suka buat benda yang boleh buat tangan sy felt sweaty sebelum buat benda tuh.. AHAHAHA.

    AND YES, what were you thinking YASSIN?! I mean, about da wet clothes!! HAHAHA.

  2. Oh yeah.. forgot about her. Saya pun mahu terbang ke Rom dan menaiki Menara Eiffel. Mahu jejakkan kaki ke Agra di India dan Mount Ayers di Australia... hmm, bila lah akan terjadi.

  3. WAA~~~ ko ada plan suda neeh.. Sy kalau betul2 mau melancong, mungkin pg tempat yg ada seni bina lama yg menarik, pemandangan natural yg cambest, @ yang kaya dgn plbagai budaya, or maybe yg banyak makanan menarik :) Mungkin telur ayam KENYAL2. Okay, I'm gonna skip that. Gahaha, Yassin, bulih tuh...


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