Monday, August 1, 2011

Ceramah Hari Ini Best!

 "Our (the nation) only hope is you (teachers!" -Prof Madya Dr. Harlina Harliza  
Salaam...just wanna share a thought about today's talk regarding to fasting practices and its benefits to human kind. All that I can say is: FUHH!

10 out of 10. Perfecta miente'.

It was the most wonderful educational, religious, medical and physiological talk I ever had. The integration of those four subject I have mentioned above exceeded anything I have ever seen. For one hour; my eyes, ears and even nose did not budge away from this professor's lips. She exclaimed nothing but hurtful truth *butthurt, anyone?* HAHAHA. Yes. She has this immense credibility --and touches of humor, perhaps? 
Anyway, she is Prof Madya Dr. Harliza. At first, I thought she is nothing more than a complex-minded doctor with perplexed talk. Ya  know... scientific terms, methodologies and all sorts of stuff that normal doctors always utter to impress people. Guys, she talked to express and not impress. I can see her clear vision and sincerity. But what set me aback the most is when she said;
"World Health Organization's definition about health is not perfect. They should've consider spiritual side in determining one's vitality".  
And I was like, gosh... what a provocative woman. And starting from there, I put all my concentration to her every words. Then, she shocked me again: 
"Don't worry if you didn't complete the Qur`anic recitations (tadarus). Learn something from it" 
And again: 
"I put all these quotients; physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual; into Qur`anic Quotient or Tauhidic Quotient that implies all aspects of a Muslim's life."
"Put your hope to God, for He Hears, Knows and capable of Helping us." 
She is so inspirational and at this very moment, I began to wonder of being a doctor. A career I threw away about two years ago out of my 'to-do' list. HAHAHA *Yassin, do not laugh at your own dream...* Guess... I need to put extra effort on achieving that. 
Anyway, thanks professor. Keep on struggling to spread Allah's Words and Muhammad SAW's wisdom.You have enlightened my first fasting day with such fulfillment. All praise to Allah SWT and may Allah SWT bless you, always. Amiin..

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